Apologist and author Ken Litchfield joins me on the program this week.  We discuss his book and some common objections to Catholicism.  He answers the question of what church did Christ establish and where we got the Bible.  It is very informative.
About Ken's book:
This book is an introductory guide to the Catholic Faith. It is great guide for new Catholics, fallen away Catholics and cradle Catholics. It would be very useful supplement for a confirmation class or an RCIA class. This book explains what the Catholic Church teaches in plain language for the regular pew sitter. It explains the Old Testament Jewish roots of Catholic teachings and the New Testament references for Catholic teachings. As a bonus I provide quotes from early Christian teachers that give the a Catholic interpretation of the Old and New Testaments before 500AD. The book is laid out to take a person from pagan to Catholic in 100 pages or an individual chapter can be read on its own. This book is a first step into the field of Catholic Apologetics with plenty of references for further study.
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